Stanislas has been specialising in "customs" for more than 15 years. That means he likes everything to do with the import / export of goods: customs taxation / customs law, indirect taxation / excise duty, export control, standards, incoterms etc.

He provides advisory (“anticipating is defeating”) and litigation (he likes wearing the robe!) services. Optimisation and security are his buzzwords. 

Before joining Lighthouse LHLF, Stanislas was manager of the "Customs" team at Arsene Taxand.

 He has acquired extensive experience and specific know-how in managing relations with customs administrations and works in several countries.

 Before pursuing his professional career, Stanislas did voluntary military service in the Officers Corps of the French Navy.

 Stanislas regularly works in academia and has launched the most innovative webseries in his sector (in his opinion!)

Stanislas is married with 2 girls (not that young any more) and has a passion for history (especially the Empire period), human relations (especially around a friendly meal) and does a lot of sport (his biggest fear is spending a whole day without doing any sport).

"The emperor said it "anticipating is defeating" and in customs it’s the same, don’t wait for controls"

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  • Masters 2 (DESS) in International Business Law and Customs Law – University of Rouen
  • Masters 2 (DEA) in International Law – ICP / Paris 2.
  • Masters in International and European Law – Aix-en-Provence
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