Who are you?

Lighthouse LHLF helps its clients wherever they are, to comply with local and international tax and customs rules, while facilitating the management of international trade issues and protecting their own trade relationships.

CThis expertise is ‘cross-functional’ because it can be used by all companies that are involved in cross-border transactions, regardless of their needs, size and operational structure. We help companies in the following sectors on a daily basis: industrial products, fast moving consumer goods, electronics, luxury, large-scale distribution, alcohol, tobacco, financial sector, real estate, leisure (internet travel agencies, media), energy (Green Tech), oil industry, chemical industry, medical equipment, High Tech, e-commerce, textile etc.

We have developed specific know-how with respect to the High Tech sector, due to the fact that one of our founders worked in Silicon Valley in California for many years. From the semiconductor industry to internet companies or software providers, we know the operating structure and managers of High Tech companies, and we work in very closely with these companies.

The firm’s growth means we now have cutting-edge expertise in other industrial fields, such as pharmaceuticals, mining – including gold and precious metals – nuclear and renewable energies, transport and logistics, the press or textiles...

All of our clients have one thing in common that connects them and connects us: the growth of international operations.