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Lighthouse LHLF is a French firm, with a presence in the UK (London) and the US (San Francisco / Silicon Valley).

Our associates and employees frequently travel abroad on business trips. Over the years, our teams have travelled to Singapore, Indonesia, Argentina, the US, Switzerland, London, Spain, Italy, Germany, and many other countries to assist their clients all over the world! 

But they spend time visiting their clients in Brittany, Auvergne and Rhone-Alpes too. The firm is also a member of the Lyon Bar, with a local team for almost 10 years, and also has a presence in Annecy, Vannes and Rouen.

Our team is just like the fast-moving world 

  • Partners all over the world: one partner in Paris, another in Lyon, a third in London, and a key partner in San Francisco
  • Employees throughout the whole of France: one employee in Rouen, another in Vannes, another in Annecy, another in Lyon, another in Rennes etc.
  • Thousands of kilometres by train, Teams meetings several times a week, a "Happy Day" once a month in different, unusual places