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Our added value

Our goal :
Customer satisfaction through remarkable added value

Our services have been designed to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. Our customers are our priority and adding value for them with solutions that facilitate their transactions.

The benefit for Lighthouse LHLF clients

Lighthouse LHLF’s services strengthen the user’s position by expertly and instantly managing international tax issues. Our services make it easier to make tax-related decisions: the user is perceived as a ‘facilitator’ in their company.

Lighthouse LHLF's various billing methods also provide external savings for our clients.

Essentially, when they use our services, our clients get immediate answers to their business problems.

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The advantages of using Lighthouse LHLF are numerous: 

  • Clients have access to comprehensive specialist tax determination knowledge;
  • Our services are aimed at tax, law and finance professionals who need to resolve business issues, but also at users such as sales people preparing quotes for clients, or lawyers drafting contracts, or logistics companies setting up new distribution channels.
  • Our services are easy to use by managers responsible for strategic or operational decisions. They are easily understood by non-tax specialists, our job being to deliver business solutions based on technical knowledge.
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DIn fact, working with Lighthouse LHLF makes tax determination, calculation and reporting easier, while naturally incorporating ongoing legislative complexity and changes.

When it comes down to it, Lighthouse LHLF are business advisors, not just a team of high-flying tax gurus.