The values of LightHouse LHLF

LightHouse LHLF is a law firm. But LightHouse LHLF is more than a simple way of providing a service to its clients and earning money. The values and ideals of LightHouse LHLF transcend the simple economic considerations. The founding team of LightHouse LHLF wanted the firm to play an active role in society.

Strengthen the user of our services

LightHouse LHLF services, born from the combination of knowledge, experience and the desire of its founding team, strengthen the position of the service user (i.e. our clients, men and women who are our daily contacts). The primary responsibility of LightHouse LHLF is the person who uses our services. These services are characterized by an irreproachable technical quality. But they have also been designed to help people’s lives in order to make their activity more ‘human’. Therefore, we exceed the expectations of our clients from this point of view. In fact, we seek to ‘up-serve’ our clients, not to ‘up-sell’ our services.


LightHouse LHLF helps to make its employees happy. We want our employees to reach their personal aims across society, in such a way as they can contribute to the development of their community. We want our company to be a place where people bloom. Our second responsibility concerns our employees. They are paid fairly and adequately. We consider competence, performance and fulfillment, so that each employee can give their best. We recognize that our company needs a range of skills that differ greatly from each other.

Pragmatic and profitable

LightHouse LHLF is a pragmatic company. Earning money is one of our most critical objectives. But this is only the means for reaching the other most important goals. There is no life without profit, but profit is not our aim in life. Our third responsibility concerns our partners, in particular the financial ones. Our company will make gains, and our partners must receive a dividend out of this. Not only because they finance our project. But also because they play a major role by helping us create a ‘citizen’ company, with strong values, contributing in an important way to the community.


We contribute to improving the world where we live, via our Philanthropic Model – Contribution of time and money to non-governmental not-for-profit organizations. Last but not least, our fourth responsibility concerns the society in which we live. LightHouse LHLF contributes to help ill children via not-for-profit associations helping hospitalized children. We also contribute time and money to projects started by social entrepreneurs or to humanitarian projects.

The majority of our values have their origin in the founding of the firm. Please read this document to find out more !