Market Sectors – Industries

Market Sectors – Industries

LightHouse LHLF helps its clients, regardless of where they are established, to conform to the local and international tax rules, while helping with the management of problems related to international commerce and protecting their own commercial relationships.

The “New Way” of managing international tax questions created by LightHouse LHLF can be implemented for all companies which develop cross-border operations, whatever their needs, their size and their operational structure. On a daily basis, we help companies in the following market sectors: industrial products, mass market commodities, electronic products, luxury goods, large scale distribution, alcohol, tobacco, financial sector, property, leisure (internet travel agencies, media), energy (Green Tech), petrol industry, chemical industry, medical equipment, High Tech, textile, etc.

We have developed a specific know-how in the High Tech sector, through many years where one of our founders worked in Silicon Valley, California. From the semi-conductor industry, to the Internet companies or software suppliers, we know the business models of high tech companies and know how their managers work.

The development of the firm has allowed us to integrate our advanced expertise into other industrial domains, such as the pharmaceutical industry, mining, including gold and precious metals, nuclear and renewable energy, transport and logistics, the press or textiles…

All of our clients have a common characteristic which links them and links us to them : the development of international operations.